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Discover the wonders of Shroomed Herbal Koffee!

Unlock the potential of this extraordinary and enchanting coffee alternative.

Explore the wonders of Shroomed Herbal Koffee

The Most Transformative Blend I've Ever Tried!

"Game/life changer! I have been taking Shroomed Herbal Koffee now for a couple months & it definitely has been a game changer! I take it every single morning & not only does it taste yummy, but the benefits are unbelievable! I feel focused, calm, and energized in a way that I’ve never felt before. Plus it also has helped with my digestion. Since I’ve switched I also have been drinking less & less caffeine and now I enjoy it just like that as a latte. There are so many ways to incorporate into your lifestyle and it truly can & will make a difference!!! Definitely worth it!"  


Verified Buyer

"Immediate Results! I stumbled across this amazing mushroom product at a market in St.Pete last weekend. I started using it immediately I could notice an improvement in cognitive function, clean energy throughout the day, and performance when working out at the end of each day. I 100% recommend this for anyone who is looking that push to get you through each day and improve your mornings." 


Verified Buyer

"It really works! As a long time coffee lover and coffee snob I was very hesitant about trying Shroomed Herbal Koffee as a coffee replacement. But I am always willing to try something different to improve my health. So I bought some Shroomed Herbal Koffee and a french press. And WOW! I cannot believe how great I feel after drinking this blend in the morning. I do not feel sluggish nor did I ever get a headache from not having any coffee. I am really shocked and happily surprised! And the long list of healthy benefits make me happier! Its a keeper!"


Verified Buyer

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Experience the power of Shroomed Herbal Koffee and delight in its unique benefits.

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- Shroomed Herbal Koffee - Caffeine Free Coffee Alternative that Tastes like Coffee! - Free Shipping

Shroomed Herbal Koffee is our best-selling coffee alternative made with functional mushrooms, adaptogens, and nourishing herbs. No coffee or caffeine added but tastes like coffee! 

The functional mushrooms and herbs in this blend work together to boost energy, focus, mood, clarity, and more!

Perfect for anyone looking to wean off caffeine, quit coffee, or just enjoy a supercharged productive day with less stress. Use as a 1:1 replacement for coffee or mix into your favorite beverage for an extra boost.



Roasted Chicory, Cacao, Maca, Siberian Ginseng, Reishi, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Moringa
100% Organic

All the mushrooms and herbs in shroomed herbal koffee

How to Use:

Add 1 tablespoon to a french press, top with 8oz of hot water, steep for 5-10 minutes, and press. Then, pour into a mug and top off with foamed oat milk or prepare as you normally would make coffee. Can also be added directly into coffee or hot water. Or add to protein shakes, smoothies, and baked recipes.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Introducing our Life-Changing Product!

Tastes like Coffee!

"My energy and creativity are through the roof! Shroomed Herbal Koffee has completely replaced my Starbucks routine. I love all the latte recipes for the blend too!"


Tasty and Easy to Drink!

"Want to feel energized and get the benefits of some mushrooms into your diet? This blend tastes great and is easy to drink. No staining of mugs either like some other muddy brands out there! I highly recommend this mix. Super fast shipping and great customer service!"


Delightful Morning Routine!

"I love starting my day with this blend! I have more focus, stable mood, better digestion and have been sleeping better. I haven't drank coffee in over a month, just KOFFEE and truly, feel more energized and grounded throughout the day. I add a little extra cocoa to my blend and then hot water, froth it and enjoy - Sets me up for a successful and focused day without the crash. I even have better digestion since the harsh coffee isn't waking up my gut in the morning."


Customized Support

Our dedicated team is here to address any query you may have regarding Shroomed Herbal Koffee. We value your questions and provide prompt and accurate responses. Reach out to us at for assistance.