1:1 Herbal Consultations

Looking for Personalized Herbal Medicine created for your Unique Goals?

"As a practicing clinical herbalist, I understand it can be difficult to find something off the shelf that is tailored to your body's specific needs. Each Personalized Wellness Plan is designed with YOU and YOUR unique needs in mind. Your HEALTH deserves more than a "One Size Fits All" approach."

During your Herbal Consultation, your current health concerns and goals will be assessed over zoom or in-person depending on your preferences. 

Questions are asked regarding health, symptoms, and lifestyle.

Once there is an understanding of what is causing your body to be out of balance, a unique wellness plan will be designed to get you feeling your best. Personalized herbal remedies will also be recommended and made to complement your wellness plan. Meditation, stretching, and mild forms of physical activity may also be recommended along with supportive foods.


For additional questions, please email zhana@zplantmagic.com