ZhanasPlantMagic Retail Starter Kit

ZhanasPlantMagic Retail Starter Kit

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The ZhanasPlantMagic Retail Starter Kit includes:  

5 Cacao Immortality 1 oz packs
5 Cacao Brain Power 1 oz packs
5 Lion's Milk Shroomed 1 oz packs
5 Mellow Mood Tea 1.5 oz packs
5 Rose Bliss Tea 1.5 oz packs
5 Moon Cycle Tea 1.5 oz packs
4 Iron Tonic 8 oz bottles
4 Cough Syrup 8 oz bottles
4 Mugwort Folk Tincture 1 oz bottles
4 LightsOut 1 oz bottles
4 Elderberry Tincutre 1 oz bottles
4 Immunity Syrup 2 oz bottles
4 SunCream 4 oz tins
4 PostSun Lotion 4oz bottles
4 PreSun Lotion 4 oz bottles
4 FaceCream 1oz jars
4 EyeCream 1 oz jars
4 Rose FaceMist 2 oz spray bottles
Bye Bug Spray 2 oz bottles
4 Bug Bite Balm 2 oz tins
3 The Balm 2 oz jars
4 Healing Salve 2 oz tins
3 Healing Scalp Oil 1 oz bottles
3 Scalp Spray 2 oz spray bottles

Each Retail Starter Kit also comes with 1 full sized sample of each product for display, access to our photo gallery and product descriptions for your ease when uploading to your online platforms, a laminated quick notes about each product for you and your staff and zero delivery fees.

Your ZhanasPlantMagic Retail Starter Pack will be shipped 3 weeks from Order Date. If you are are local to St. Petersburg, FL, we will Deliver in Person 3 weeks from Order Date.