Personalized Holistic Wellness Plans

"As a practicing clinical herbalist, I understand it can be difficult to find something off the shelf that is tailored to your body's specific needs. Each Personalized Holistic Wellness Plan is designed with YOU and YOUR unique goals in mind. Your HEALTH deserves more than a "One Size Fits All" approach."

Balance is the cornerstone of holistic health. I strive to help individuals take charge of their personal well-being and overcome various body imbalances that manifest as physical, mental, or spiritual sickness by encouraging a whole food diet, moderate activity, breathing exercises, and herbal medicine. My background specializes in using traditional Western/Chinese Herbal Medicine coupled with Paleo/Gluten-Free/ Pescatarian/Vegan/ Vegetarian Diet and Meditation to help achieve optimal health.

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60 Minute Herbal Consultation

Herbal Consultation

60 Minute Specialty Meal Plans

Specialty Meal Plans

60 Minute Weight Loss Consultations

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