About Us

Based out of Saint Petersburg, FL, ZhanasPlantMagic was founded in 2018 with the belief that everyone can improve their personal health with the use of herbal remedies. Each product is designed to easily fit everyday routines.

Our vast product line includes medicinal mushroom blends, nourishing tea blends, and powerful elixirs that can be added to mocktails. We also have a topical product line that includes herb-infused first aid, sun care, face care, and beauty.

Along with our product line, we offer zoom or in-person herbal consultations and specialty meal plans.

We also offer group workshops to show you how to create your own herbal products, infuse herbs in your cooking, and herbal medicine-making classes.

Stay in touch with us by following us on IG @zhanasplantmagic or email zhana@zplantmagic.com.