About Us

Based out of Saint Petersburg, FL, ZhanasPlantMagic was founded in 2018 by clinical herbalist, Zhana McGraw, with the belief that everyone can enjoy improving their health with herbal remedies. 

The ZPlantMagic product line consists of medicinal mushroom latte blends, nourishing herbal teas, and powerful elixirs. We also have a topical product line that uses plant medicine in first-aid, sun care, and beauty products. 

All ZPlantMagic products are created with sustainably sourced high-quality organic ingredients and infused with love. 


Our Team

Zhana McGraw: Founder, Clinical Herbalist
Zhana has over 10 years experience working as an herbalist with formal training in Clinical Western Herbalism and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. When she is not formulating products for ZPlantMagic, she see clients for 1:1  herbal consultations and hosts interactive workshops focused on herbal medicine.
Jason Cooper: Co-Founder, CMO
Jason joined ZhanasPlantMagic in 2020 to help share the power of herbal medicine and good health. He strive to help educate and empower others to be the healthiest version of themselves. His background comes from pharmacy, yoga, breath work, and music.

Stay in touch with us by following us on IG @zhanasplantmagic or email zhana@zplantmagic.com.