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The ZPlantMagic mushroom latte blends help boost energy, reduce anxiety, improve memory, enhance stamina, balance mood, support gut health, and more! 

Our journey started when our founder noticed her clients who were coffee drinkers had similar patterns of anxiety, irritability, gut health issues, sleep issues, high stress levels, and more. Being an espresso addict herself, Zhana understood the struggle of being a coffee lover and wanted to find a way to empower her clients to feel their most productive selves without being dependent on caffeine. Putting her clinical herbal expertise to use, she began rigorous testing and formulating of various herbs.

Finally, after several months, we were able to create a blend of functional mushrooms and herbs that not only mimicked the taste of coffee, but also made people feel a similar change in state that coffee gives without the crash. Zhana's clients were coming back reporting boosts to energy levels, increased focus, better mood, improved sleep patterns, less bloating, and a general feeling of clean energy throughout the day. Clients that thought they'd never be able to give up coffee were gladly trading in their average cup of joe for Shroomed Herbal Koffee saying it tasted so much like coffee they didn't miss the brown bean!

After having successfully helped so many individuals and herself quit coffee, our founder set out to inspire as many people as possible and guide them on their journey to conquer their dependency of caffeine. Our hope is you will feel empowered on a daily basis by our various mushroom blends which are a modern twist of classical herbal formulas. Each unique blend is designed to taste great as a coffee alternative while assisting your various health goals. 

All ZPlantMagic Mushroom Latte Blends are created with sustainably sourced high-quality organic ingredients and infused with love.

Founder of ZPlantMagic
CEO & Founder- Zhana McGraw
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