Quick Reads

  • Meet the Founder of ZPlantMagic

    Happy New Year! Meet the Founder of ZPlantMagic, Zhana McGraw Why is Health important to you? Health empowers me to live at my highest state. ...
  • Why Take Chaga

    Let's talk about Chaga! Also known as Hua Jie Kong Jun in Chinese and as "The Gift of God", this powerful fungus has been used as medicine in anc...
  • Random Acts of Gratitude

    An unexpected gesture of gratitude could make someone's day. Think about it, if you did something insignificant or routine for someone without expecting a response, and you received thanks from them? You'd probably feel good, and the entire morale of any group or relationship would instantly level up, even if only subconsciously or momentarily. 
  • Your Breath and You

    Getting to know your breathing on a regular basis is like becoming friends with your lungs. This will feel strange at first, as would any new relationship - so much to learn! So many apprehensions, ”Will we get along or even have anything in common? Maybe it's best just to do our own things and not get too involved with each other.” Try starting with this: “Hey thanks for doing all that with the oxygen and keeping me alive and all.. How’s that going?” 
  • Consumers Beware

    There have been documented efforts using tobacco industry inspired strategies to get children hooked on sugary colors at an early age. Even household names like corn syrup and bleached all-purpose flour are among the most responsible for hi-jacking our systems, keeping us absorbed in destructive relationships with our food, and trapping us in a cycle of craving, stimulation, and eventually disease.