Meet the Founder of ZPlantMagic

Meet the Founder of ZPlantMagic

Happy New Year! Meet the Founder of ZPlantMagic, Zhana McGraw

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Why is Health important to you?
Health empowers me to live at my highest state. From a young age, I have been fascinated with the healing powers found in nature as well as fitness and nutrition. Every day I strive to make choices that promote longevity so I can live a life full of adventure.
What is your favorite ZPlantMagic product and how has that product helped enhance your health/life?
It’s hard to choose just one, but Shroomed Herbal Koffee has made the biggest impact on my life as it has helped me completely get over my caffeine addiction. Plus it tastes so good!
What is your passion?
Sharing the power of herbal medicine and helping people use it to feel their best is my life’s passion. Along with adventuring to new places, foraging wild medicinals, cooking tasty herb infused dishes, moving my body, and empowering others to live their best life.
Favorite book?
If you haven’t read the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, I highly encourage you to check it out. It helped me understand some of the subconscious programming I was subjecting myself to and how to look at the world and my relationships in a new light.
Favorite herb?
There is no way I can pick just one! I love plantain, (not the banana) for its first aid properties and because it was my first herbal ally that I could forage. I love Cacao because of how it opens the heart. Reishi and Lion’s Mane tie for my favorite mushroom. Reishi for its ability to strengthen life force and Lion’s Mane for its neurogenesis abilities. Milky Oats are a must for when I need to rejuvenate. There are so many more awesome herbs it’s not fair to pick only one! 😅
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