What Our Customers Are Saying About Koffee...

  Shroomed Herbal Koffee

"I can't believe it tastes like coffee! And there is no caffeine!"

"I quit coffee cold turkey without headaches when I switched to this blend!"

"The quit coffee protocol works! It helped me with my anxiety big time!" 

"Tasty and easy to drink! Want to feel energized and get the benefits of some mushrooms into your diet? This blend tastes great and is easy to drink. No staining of mugs either like some other muddy brands out there! I highly recommend this mix. Super-fast shipping and great customer service!"

"Super Easy to Make! Completely replaced my coffee routine!"

"Smells Good and tastes like Coffee!"

"Nutritious and Delicious! I'm blown away, this tastes just like coffee and contains none. Coffee tends to make me jittery, upset my tummy, and end in a crash. Shroomed Herbal Koffee is a steady, focused energy, (seriously all day I'm grooving, and no trouble sleeping) and it actually supports digestion and many other valuable functions. What other energy drink is actually GOOD for your adrenals? Bottom line, it's a super healthy beverage that tastes amazing, and has 100% replaced my coffee/espresso (and it's even awesome iced).
The world needs SHK :)"

"I add it to a bit of black tea and lavender simple syrup. SOOOO Good!!"

"Anytime I have friends over, I always put some Shroomed Herbal Koffee in their cup of coffee to stimulate creative conversation. This stuff is amazing!"

"I recommend to all my clients that struggle with energy and focus."

"Game/life changer! I have been taking the Shroomed Herbal Koffee now for a couple months & it definitely has been a game changer! I take it every single morning & not only does it taste yummy, but the benefits are unbelievable! I feel focused, calm, and energized in a way that I’ve never felt before. Plus it also has helped with my digestion. Since I’ve switched I also have been drinking less & less caffeine and now I enjoy it just like that as a latte. There are so many ways to incorporate into your lifestyle and it truly can & will make a difference!!! Definitely worth it!"

"Energized without jitters and no more PMS!"

"The cold brew version tastes like coffee! My roommate didn't even realize when I gave her some of my Koffee cold brew it wasn't really coffee!"

"I love that there is no caffeine in this blend unlike other mushroom coffee brands."

"Delightful Morning Routine! I love starting my day with this blend! I have more focus, stable mood, better digestion and have been sleeping better. I haven't drank coffee in over a month, just KOFFEE and truly, feel more energized and grounded throughout the day. I add a little extra cocoa to my blend and then hot water, froth it and enjoy - Sets me up for a successful and focused day without the crash. I even have better digestion since the harsh coffee isn't waking up my gut in the morning, this easy and calming blend is :)"

"Helped my gut issues"

"Perfect in my protein shake as a pre/post workout"

"Best Mushroom Coffee I've tried yet! Not gritty like Mud/Wtr 

"This blend helped me study for my finals and still have energy for my serving job!"

"It really works! As a long time coffee lover and coffee snob I was very hesitant about trying Shroomed Herbal Koffee as a coffee replacement. But I am always willing to try something different to improve my health. So I bought some Shroomed Herbal Koffee and a french press. And WOW! I cannot believe how great I feel after drinking this blend in the morning. I do not feel sluggish nor did I ever get a headache from not having any coffee. I am really shocked and happily surprised! And the long list of healthy benefits make me happier! Its a keeper!"

"I love that I can take this in the evening when I'm studying and can still get good sleep!"

Lion's Milk Shroomed

"A Dash of Love! I love the Lion Milk Shroomed as an addition to my morning coffee. Not only is the flavor warming but the smells soothes the soul! This is a must have daily!"

"Love this product, tastes great. I add it to my coffee, it blends in well. The product is strong so you don't need much, a little goes a long way."

"I love this product! Fast shipping and excellent communication"

"Tastes great! I enjoy Golden Milk and its Healing benefits."

"Spicy and lively, very nice! Wish I had ordered a bigger size, but I’ve already put in an order for more items from this seller!"

"Loving this. Thanks for the quick shipping."

Cacao Immortality

"I finally got to try this , this morning I followed the directions I put it in my coffee which I am working to give up but oh my goodness it was so good and I felt so refreshed after just one cup of coffee. I can’t wait to try my other stuff and get in a new healthier routine l. I feel a difference with just trying this for the first time. Thank you so much I will be coming back for more.😍"

"I love this product. This my third order. The seller is very quick with my orders every time. I have neurological issues, this product really helps me. I am so thankful to this company 🥰"

"Tasty! Thanks for the wonderful mocha maker!"

"Tastes great and shipped fast😊"

"Very happy customer! I add a teaspoon to my coffee after brewing and it gives my coffee a rich, chocolatey flavor. Like caffeinated hot chocolate! :) I look forward to it every time I drink it, and I love knowing how many superfoods I am taking in with each sip. Will be purchasing again for sure!"

"I’ve ordered before and this time since there was a sale, I ordered double the quantity. So worth it, I love the cacao mushroom mixture!"

"Wonderful product and the size is perfect to insure you like the item without a major commitment"

"Wonderful product used every morning in my coffee. Love the energy and clarity I feel every morning!"

"This is so delicious. I love mixing it with black tea. I am picky with mushroom mixes a d I’ve tried many kinds. This one dissolves SO well and easily (I’ve only tried it in hot drinks) and makes any drink taste great! I only wish it came in a bigger size."

"It worked extravagantly"

"Perfection in a bag! 🖤🖤🖤"

"Showed up quickly, the Wife Loves It"

"I love this product, it tastes great!"

"Very tasty and shipped in good time."

"Tastes great! I think it’s doing something"

"It’s delicious! And shipping was fast! I’ll definitely order again"

"Takes absolutely great! The seller was very kind and quick to help me when I made a mistake on my order. Will definitely be ordering more!!!!! Thank you!!!"

"I bought the Cacao Immortality and use it to supplement my chicory tea. It is SO good - the flavor makes the tea more full with added dimension to flavor. It’s also nice knowing how healthy it is. Will be ordering again!"

"Sent it to a friend who got sick. She hates mushrooms but thought this was delicious! Shop owner is also very nice!"

"2nd time purchasing, it’s great!"

"Pure magic. I have made a few different mixes with this blend for morning/afternoon/wee hours elixirs and always find myself calm, energized and present."

"Very impressed with the fast shipment with this shop, as well as the high quality of the items. I first received a generous sample of Cacao Immortality Mushroom blend along with my first order. Shortly afterward, I placed an order for full-sized product - I wanted to keep the benefits of increased physical and mental stamina going! This is my new must-have item, and I'll be ordering more for myself and loved ones."

"Really enjoyed the prompt shipping and amazing flavor and smooth texture. Added it in my morning coffee and it was divine!"

"Nice quality cacao that has a smooth taste that blends well with other ingredients."

"I was skeptical because I’ve tried a lot of different products with similar ingredients and never noticed anything great. I’ve been sick and low energy levels lately so really wanted something to boost me up and this did not disappoint. This product works amazing, I’m able to focus and get through my morning."

"Love this stuff. Bought it as a gift for my bf. He encouraged me to try it. Fires up my day when I have a teaspoon of the Immortality Mushroom blend in my coffee. Great taste. Packed full of the good stuff. The ultimate health food. Contacted the shop when the item was out of stock and she was prompt about following up with me and sent us a bag quickly."

"I love this blend it’s perfect to add to coffee and get that chocolately mocha taste or make it into a hot chocolate 🍫! Definitely my favorite tasting blend "

"Super fast shipping!!"

"Can't wait to order more! Love drinking alone or mixing it 💜"

"This is absolutely delicious! Mixed it with my matcha to make a latte and it’s divine." 

"I really love this product. It has helped me break me coffee habit. I drink it before I start my morning exercise routine. I mix it with coconut milk and ice in a ninja blender, and it hits the spot without being too heavy. Thank You for this product! Looking forward to ordering more… the Cacao Immortality is AMAZING!"

"This mushroom mix is delicious and so good for you! I add it with my daily Mud/Wtr and I think they are the PERFECT pair."

Cacao Pumpkin Spice Shroomed

"Got it for a friend she loves it!"

"Fast shipping and I love the bigger size of this blend, can’t get enough."

"It is healthy in many ways and tastes great!! I add it to my morning coffee and I am already out in just a few days. i will be ordering more and in the bigger size too. So, if your not sure what size to order then go big!!"

Cacao Brain Power

"Great product, does what it says it will do."

"Very good blend, highly recommend"

"This is great with coffee! i wish it was bigger though."